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University of Manchester.

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at the University of Derby.

University Lecturing
I have been involved with lecturing at universities since 1999 and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Both the University courses I worked on felt it was important that their students were partly taught by industry professionals who can pass on their expertise and insights. I try to give the students an idea how wells are drilled, the equipment and services involved and the roles of wellsite and operations geologists.

More importantly, I give them an understanding of rig activities so that in whatever their future jobs in the oil industry they will have an appreciation of the processes and data generated. They may never have a wellsite or operational role but they will be able to meaningfully discuss activities with the drilling community, understand the data that are derived from drilling activities and know how good (or bad) it may be.

COVID-19 has curtailed work for external lecturers on these courses.

University of Manchester

I have been involved with the MSc course in Petroleum Geoscience at the University of Manchester since the course at Oxford Brookes University was merged with it in 2003.

Go to the University of Manchester, Petroleum Geoscience website.

Class in Manchester listening attentively

University of Derby

I have been involved in the post graduate courses at Derby for a number of years. The course is now a full MSc incorporating PGCert/PG Dip. I present two courses (basic and advanced wellsite and operations geology) as well as help to mentor some of the MSc projects.

Go to the University of Derby MSc Applied Petroleum Geoscience website.