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Teaching on the BP ADP for operations geology.

Velocity effective stress plotting.

Technical Projects
I have been involved in a number of diverse projects. More recently I have performed several projects where my expertise has been used for:
  • Formation pressure reviews either as pre-well predictions or post well evaluations.
  • Review of well incidents using real-time data to give an unbiased opinion as to root cause.

I am only too keen to work on new and interesting projects that are similar to the ones outlined above or anything that would utilise the skills developed carrying out the above projects. Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Recent Technical Projects

Other recent projects have included:

  • An independent review of pore pressures and wellbore stability on North Sea wells for two different operators.

  • An independent review of pore pressures and pore pressure mechanisms in a well in West Africa for Dana.

  • An independent review of pore pressures and evaluation processes for a well in Egypt for BG.

  • Writing part of and facilitating/presenting BP's Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) for Operations Geology. This process, initiated in 2010, to implement a desire to make operations geology a core staff role within BP. This has required me to generate a number of presentations and create simulations involving real time data analysis, report monitoring and incident handling. In my role as lead facilitator I worked in combination with personal leadership coaching specialists from the Delta Partnership and I have gained a lot from my exposure to this discipline.

  • Evaluation and root cause analysis of a well incident for a major operator. Required detailed analysis of real-time data from a number of sources.

  • Making a major written contribution to ExxonMobil's Abnormal Pressure Technology manual

  • Pore pressure evaluations for offset wells and wellsiting on HTHP, XHTHP and deepwater wells worldwide (recent wells in Brazil, Turkey, Egypt and Norway) for BP and Exxon. Completed post well evaluations and final pore pressure reports on all wells.

  • Office based Formation pressure projects involving area studies in the northern North Sea, offshore mid Norway and Barents Sea for Mobil, Gulf of Mexico for Exxon.

  • Creation of a number of software products such as Blaise (formation pressure evaluation) and WinHippo (digital sample descriptions)

  • Pressure evaluation project on 300+ wells in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast regions for ExxonMobil

  • Project for ExxonMobil regional database team on Gulf of Mexico well and pressure data obtained from various sources. Involved acquisition, quality control, validation and recommendations for database storage.

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