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Advanced wellsite and operations geology.

Advanced pore pressure evaluation.

Technical Writing
Much of the work in my career has involved the creation of written material or clarifying and, if necessary, creating procedural documentation. This has included everything from simple final well reports, my own training manuals to helping to create full blown training courses such as those I participate in with BP.

Very often it is this sort of documentation that most people hate doing and are quite happy to pass on to those who do.

I am only too keen to work on creating documentation or annotating existing process. Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss any requirements you might have.

Recent Technical Writing Projects

  • Creating modular manuals for my training courses including, drilling rigs and processes, rig personal, wellsite and operations geology, advanced pore pressure evaluation, wellbore stability, HTHP, deepwater, geosteering and extended reach etc. In addition I have created the associated PowerPoint slidepacks and exercises to complement the courses.

  • Writing part of and facilitating/presenting BP's Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) for Operations Geology. This is an ongoing process, started in 2010, to implement a desire to make operations geology a core staff role within BP. This has required me to generate a number of presentations and create simulations involving real time data analysis, report monitoring and incident handling. In my role as lead facilitator I have worked in combination with personal leadership coaching specialists from the Delta Partnership.

  • Process documentation and report content generation on HTHP, XHTHP and deepwater wells worldwide (recent wells in Brazil, Turkey, Egypt and Norway) for BP and Exxon.

  • Design and creation of a digital lithostratigraphic nomenclature of the North Sea in conjuction with Cambrian (now RPS Energy) and the BGS.

  • Creation of 'electronic' HTML final well reports for a number of companies including Conoco.

  • Creation of a number of software products such as Blaise (formation pressure evaluation) and WinHippo (digital sample descriptions), including extensive help files and manuals for the same.

  • Writing Mobil Norway's wellsite and operations manuals (and equivalent on-line HTML versions) plus a formation pore pressure manual (and presnting courses on same).

  • Making a major contribution to ExxonMobil's new Abnormal Pressure Technology manual.

  • Numerous well programmes and final well report documentation. I am proficient with Geo, Winlog and Pierre plus all Microsoft Office products.

  • Writing new wellsite and operations geology procedures for ExxonMobil for their operations geology group in Houston. This also involved defining well data requirements including mudlogging well data. The work I did on the latter was used for the WITSML project on mudlog data.

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